So is it just me or do people seemed OBSESSED with the way their abs look? It seems to be the epitome of fitness these days.

After YEARS of trying to reach Ab Nirvana (Oh yes, didn’t you know? That’s a thing.) I have come to the conclusion that “having abs” is not an indicator of overall fitness nor a testament to one’s health.

Would I like to have my abs shine through a bit more strongly? ABsolutely. (Did you like how I slipped that in there?) But I will tell you that I have to get uncomfortably thin for my abs to really start looking defined. By uncomfortably thin, I mean that it is hurts to sit in a chair because I can feel the bones in my rear-end. And my arms and face start to get scrawny and drawn. In fact, my whole body ends up looking rather emaciated instead of strong, which is what I’m going for.

Have you heard that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym? There is truth to this. When I eat real, clean food for a week (no intermittent donut frosting) the weight on the scale may be up, but my muscles are no doubt more defined when I look in the mirror.

However, if your particular body tends to distribute body fat around the middle or more evenly (as mine does) it may be rather difficult to achieve the abs you are hoping to uncover even with a very “clean” diet.

More situps and toes-to-bar are not going to draw out those abs: overall leanness is what it takes. Extra fat stores come off where they come off. This part is genetic.

I’m making an effort to focus more on health and strength than my appearance. I really admire and appreciate athletes like Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet who, when compared to other athletes of her caliber, have a rather standard-looking mid-section. I doubt Camille works out any less than her compadres and I would bet money that she eats like a rock-star. But still, you can see that she has more padding on her abs than her other competitors. Does this make her less fit than other athletes? NO! It simply means she distributes fat in different places and proportions than the next person.

Consider this pic of Camille on the left versus Brooke Ence:

camille-2                                   brooke

They are both absolute BEASTS in the gym. Beautiful, strong, healthy women, both of them.

Your abs don’t shine through? That’s okay, mine don’t either! But I’m fit! I’m healthy. I can do eight strict pullups and climb ropes!

Consider these two articles:



What does your body do for you every day that allows you to be the glorious creature that you are? 🙂



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