Merry Christmas, you Beautiful People, you!

I haven’t been around for a while! I hope everyone is having a dandy holiday!

I got this gosh-darn cute mug from my darling lil’ daughter the other day. Has her cute drawing and everything on it. AAWWWW.


I can smell bunny pee in my house. Like every day now. What is going on? I keep wondering if company can smell it like I can. Paranoia.

So you probably want that Vanilla Extract recipe now. This stuff can LITERALLY last your entire life until you drop dead because when the bottle gets low, you just add more vodka!

(I feel like I talk about vodka a lot.)

I have used this homemade version for years now in my baking and it is always delicious and flavorful and saves me a ton of money. Vanilla extract is SUPER expensive, if you haven’t noticed! (Not the fakey stuff, the legit PURE vanilla extract.)

Do you need some last minute Christmas gift ideas? Let’s just say, I would LOVE to get this with a bow tied around it! Thoughtful and beautiful.


  • One long-necked glass bottle (I use an old vodka bottle or simply purchase your vodka in a cool bottle that you like.)
  • Vanilla Beans in the pod (Fred Meyer carries Vanilla Beans in the bulk spice area. I purchase these ones online for this recipe, however.)

Slice open those dry beans (a slit right down the middle) to open the pod. Once sliced, place the pods into the vodka. I use about 5-10 sliced pods per vodka bottle.

Percolate two months before use. Every time I use up a decent amount of vanilla extract, I simply add more vodka to top it off.