Hi-ya guys! 🙂

I have been very sick. That UTI I told you about? And how I was curing it naturally?? Ha! That bastard UTI laughs in my face! It started travelling upwards towards my kidneys and had me reminiscing about childbirth. That is not an exaggeration. I burst into tears when it became unbearable and my sweet daughter acted like my sobbing was nothing out-of-the-ordinary. She rubbed my back and said, “It’s okay, Mama. C’mon, I’ll take you to a warm bath.” What a lovey.

To add insult to injury, my face decided to break out with a lip-full of blisters that continued onto my chin. I have been miserable. Wanna see?

You didn’t want to see? That’s a good shot up my nose.

THEN, our beloved bunny started DYING. :…(

To add to these shenanigans, I was planning and shopping and arranging everything for my daughter’s birthday party. (!!!) CHAOS! Just chaos!

It has been a WEEK.

You know what I hate so much besides a face full of blisters? “Healthy” baking that promises a delicious outcome but fails to deliver. The disappointment is real Healthifying a cookie or cupcake is wonderful in theory…but it wouldn’t quite be a dessert if it didn’t have The Good Stuff in it, am I right?

Okay then, that said, I have done many-an-experiment to come up with a few healthful substitutions you can use in your baking that won’t leave your end-product SO healthy that it tastes like sawdust.

Here we go:

Your recipe calls for butter: use coconut oil instead. Cup for cup. Very straight forward. I use this brand because it DOES NOT have that coconut flavor that sometimes I don’t want in my cooking or baking.

More likely than not, you’ll have flour in that recipe. Instead of whole wheat or white flour, I always use this gluten-free flour blend. This is great stuff! If your recipe calls for baking soda/powder or salt, etc, still add those.

For sugar, the only different thing I do is sub out cheap white sugar for a version that is organic, a bit “cleaner” than the stuff you buy for $1.00.

If you have chocolate chips in your recipe or melted chocolate, I use Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips which are free of soy, dairy, and nuts. They are surprisingly delicious.

And that’s it.

Are you disappointed there’s not more? I know, me too. In MY experience if I change a recipe too much (more than these few things) the end result is, well, bleh.

So! Bake away, Cupcakes, and let me know what your favorite healthy sub is in the comments below!