Hi-ya Fellas!

So real dandy day, here: I doused myself in gasoline at the pump. Yes, as in, ALL OVER ME, even on my FACE! I thought I heard the pump make that tick noise when it is done pumping, so I jumped out of the car and yanked the handle out. Full blast of gasoline, everywhere! Like a hose! I was so surprised, I just swirled it around which made it go everywhere, even in my hair and all over my shoes! (How did it not get in my eyes?? OMG. Thank you, Jesus.)

I drive home thinking I’m going to catch on fire somehow because I’m covered in gasoline. (Because obviously, gasoline spontaneously combusts. It does in MY head.) Lucky for me, it was only a 1.5 minute drive.

Naturally, I couldn’t strip down outside so I walk through the house, to the washing machine, throw it all in, add huge glugs of vinegar and baking soda. But the SMELL in the house now is VERY strong. Because my shoes were soaked in it. And I trampled through the house. So now I have to mop the floor! Which I never do. And likely could have used a good mop anyway. (Two birds and a stone, and all that, I guess.)

That’s the end of that.

Now to the next part. I decide to toast my coconut on broil to make it brown and crispy and delicious. I get talking with my husband. AND I SMELL BURNING. I rush to open the oven, greeted with a WHOOSH of smoke. I grab the burning coconut, rush it outside where it is raining. I come back in, take a glance in my husband’s direction. He’s trying not to laugh.

He says, “Well, at least it doesn’t smell like gasoline in here anymore.”

Silver Lining?



So here’s a SUPER easy way to make a fast baked sweet potato:


Rinse potato. Then stab holes into it with fork or knife. Make big slices through the potato. Wrap potato in a paper towel and run it under the tap water. It should be very wet. Now pop into microwave (still wrapped in wet paper towel) for four to seven minutes until perfectly soft and tender. (I don’t usually use or recommend microwaves, but sometimes we need something fast! I get that!) Time in the micro varies depending on the size of your potato. I eat mine with grassfed butter! YUM! 🙂