Hi-ya there ALL!!

Did you eat tons of food yesterday and have to practically rrooolllll yourself into bed last night? Did you fall into a turkey coma watching TV in your living room? I did neither, as my body wouldn’t let me sleep due to the BLADDER INFECTION I got last night! It was HARRIBLE! I almost went to the E.R. at 2am but the thought of doing that (when I was already so miserable) made me sit on the couch in the dark and cry and feel very sorry for myself.

You will never guess what I found! (…No, not a store that sells baby giraffes. Those don’t exist.)

First off, you love Trader Joe’s, right? If you don’t, I am not sure we can ever be friends. Just sayin’.

Have you heard of Brandless, yet??? WOW: so many health-related products for THREE FLIPPIN’ DOLLARS a piece. It is just like Trader Joe’s but even cheaper! Unreal! What a find!!! (…Like a tiny bit of gold in a land of gray…she said in an ominous tone.) Go check that sh*t out!!!!

So before the aforementioned UTI came on last night, I did a workout in my garage. Here’s what I did:

Tabata (20 seconds of all-out hard work followed by a 10 second rest, 8 rounds) for each of the following exercises:

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jumping Pullups (You can do these on a well-placed tree branch, if it is thick enough or on children’s play equipment at a park. I have done both. 😉 )
  • Hollow Rocks + Situps (I alternated)
  • AirDyne (run, jog, or walk fast)
  • Front Squats (I did these with my 45lb barbell but you can simply do air squats.)
  • Wall Sit (I didn’t add any weight. Though sometimes my 10-year-old will sit on my lap while I do this, laughing all the way. That’s always fun.)


I often defer to Tabata when I’m in a time-crunch and don’t want to think much about what I should do. I have this awesome tabata timer that has been indispensible! I use it all the time. I even bring it to use at my regular gym. (You can download free tabata apps to your phone which is super helpful, too.)


You can totally do this workout at home, you wonderful people, you! (If you don’t have an AirDyne, run or walk fast instead.)

Also, watch for my upcoming post on how I am healing my own UTI naturally! No antibiotics needed! WHAAAT!!!

Smile, it’s Black Friday!