Omg. I am on page two of a textbook I have to read and already I am fidgeting around and looking at my freckles and arm hairs and wondering how ink comes out of pens.

I did “Fight Gone Bad” the other day. That WOD is the worst. First of all, my box jumps were a train wreck. They felt completely clumsy so of course they must have looked even worse. Then some guy walked by me and smelled like vanilla cotton candy. That was distracting. Why would a dude smell like cotton candy? I get it if it was a girl. Totally. But it was like this man had actually rolled in real cotton candy. Which sounds just delightful if you ask me, rolling around in a cloud of cotton candy.

I feel like my WODs have been lacking in effort lately. Bad feeling. I’m gonna BRING IT today, though. Bring some INTENTION to this WOD! (It’s weird cheering yourself on. Awkward. Someone else should be doing that. I feel sorry for the person who has to cheer themselves on. Too bad I can’t afford a trainer. I’d snap one up like that. Just to cheer me up.)

Look what I just did to my daughter’s gingerbread house:20171119_163023

I’m gonna be in so much trouble tomorrow.


Do you like natural, chemical-free beauty products? I do. Insanely.

BUT. My natural mascara dries out a LOT sooner than chemical mascaras. This bites! But I figured out a fantastic solution.

Ok, get out that dried-up mascara. (I’ve always really liked Physicians Formula Organic Wear, the hot pink one you see in the pic.)


Directions for rejuventating sad mascara:

  • One drop of castor oil
  • One drop of lavender essential oil (I do not recommend the Lavender Essential Oil shown in the picture.)
  • One drop of Multi-Purpose Contact Solution

I pump the wand a few times to mix all that goodness in.

Fun Fact: Did you know that both castor oil and lavendar oil helps to actually GROW lashes and eyebrows when used regularly?

Here’s to your luscious eyes, baby. 😉