What’s up, Peanut Butter Cup?! πŸ™‚

I am sitting in my car, at a horse ranch, watching my 9-year-old daughter get soaked in the drizzle, but she’s happy as can be! She has two hoodies on, one hers, one MINE, because two minutes out of the car and she was pounding on my car window, asking me if I had her coat. WHAT?! I can’t think of EVERYTHING fifteen minutes before leaving the house! Yes, fifteen minutes was all I had to take a shower, pull a comb through my hair, and frantically run out the door. Forgot to set the alarm. Oops. My B.

My coffee is cold. πŸ™ Poop.

So I’ve been wanting to write a post about how I’ve managed to keep 25lbs off for four years. (!!!!!) I celebrate this, not only because weight loss can be a very challenging task, but also because maintainance can be equally challenging.

(Pause. Change of subject. I have to tell you this: A little girl here at the horse ranch just angrily yelled out at her horse, “Don’t eat your foot!” A good tip, I would think, not to eat your foot.)

And back to what I was saying…

Losing weight is hard. It just is. It takes courage and discipline. But is maintaining your weight loss even MORE difficult?? Some would say yes.

I know this struggle all too well as my weight yo-yoed for years; a decent amount of weight for my small frame, about 20 to 25lbs. Up and down like some psycho rollercoaster.

Below, I will share some of my best tips for how I manage to maintain my 25lb weight loss.

***(Disclaimer: Please refer to my disclaimer/terms page. I am NOT a doctor. These tips are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. Β These tips are what have kept ME on the straight and narrow. They may or may not necessarily work for you. Each body is different. Check with your doctor before embarking on any new nutrition or fitness plan.)***

That said, here is what I do:

1) I weigh myself EVERY day (this keeps me on track. Not once a week but every day. Sometimes I write it on the calendar.)

2) I let myself fluctuate about 5lbs upwards from my original “goal” weight. I don’t seem to ever fall below that goal weight. For me, that number is 120lbs and it only ever fluctuates upwards. (Unless I get sick. Then, occasionally, I will drop to 119.) By flucuating 5lbs, I mean I don’t let myself exceed 125lbs. (Sleep, sodium intake, food amount, food type, water intake, stress, exercise, etc…these can and will affect your weight. For instance, I am rarely AT 120lbs. I’m somewhere between 120 and 125lbs.) If you are curious, I am five feet and four and half inches tall.

3) If my weight goes above those 5lbs (I go above 125lb) I use that as a tool to “pull back” on my food. Basically, I eat less food! If you are gaining weight, you are likely and quite simply probably eating too much for the needs of your body. Pull back a little. If I ate a lot on Monday and my Tuesday weigh-in seems to reflect it, I simply don’t eat as much as I did on Monday. Guess what? Wednesday’s weigh in will reflect this small change. This is LITERALLY what I have done for the past four years. It is the ebb and flow. Your weight is not a static number. It moves and shifts. So move and shift with it! Catch yourself before your food and weight gets too out-of-hand to feel managable. I’ve been there!

4) Chew gum. (I keep packs of gum on my counter to chew when I want to nosh on something but I know I’m not really hungry. I’m usually just bored. So pop a few pieces! I usually chew Extra, and yes, that DOES have bad nasty chemicals in it so if you want a more natural option, Spry gum is pretty good. It is made with Xylitol which in fact, is GOOD for your teeth! Ask your dentist about this. He will confirm this! πŸ˜‰ The flavor dissipates rather quickly but the texture is nice.)

5) On a day where my weight is up, I will ALWAYS drink one of my Paleo Power Smoothies. I do this to “cleanse” the crap away (literally?? hahaha ;)). It not only cleans my body but it helps me in a psychological sense, knowing that I did something very good for my bod. Helps put me back on the right food path.

6) You may find this strange, but on a day where my weight is up, I won’t always exercise. This is because sometimes it takes a LOT of mental power and effort to put myself on the “right track” again. Because of that, I don’t also want to tax my body on top of an already stressed mind. (And on the other hand, sometimes I DO workout on an “up” day. It can be distracting and sometimes that is what I need in that moment. )

7) I practice being kind to myself; NOT beating myself up because my weight is up. If I practice being kind to myself, it really is amazing how my mood and overall outlook improves. Positive self talk like, “I’m doing great today.” “I am beautiful.” “My weight does not dictate my value.” “One hour at a time. Keep going.” “You are wonderful.” All of these seemingly silly mantras take effect the longer you practice them.

8) I try to take a step outside of myself. I take a moment to speculate on the many blessings in my life. I remind myself that there is ALWAYS someone in a worse position than myself. Just look around–sadly, it seems we don’t have to look very far to find someone in a worse position than ourselves.

9) I try to make my workouts about something BESIDES burning calories. Does this always work in my lil’ ol’ weird brain? Nope, not always. But if I focus on all the benefits of a hard WOD (workout of the day) instead of just a way to burn up excess calories, this helps me to put my focus on something else.

Another trainer I once worked with said to me, “Annika, if you fix what is going on between the ears, (and he pointed to his head) everything else just sort of falls into place.”

I could not agree more! People who struggle with eating too much and too much of the wrong thing do it for a reason. Often, this is a negative feeling they are trying to cope with and they “use” food as a drug. Some people use drugs and alcohol to make life easier to deal with and other people use food to cope. I do!!! You are not alone! There is hope, so do NOT give up on yourself. Keep trying and get to the ROOT of why you eat.

Did you know you do not have to spend tons of money to get counseling help these days? You can do it from your home computer or handheld device. It is a very affordable solution for those of us who can’t afford going to see someone in person. Here are some links to online, personal therapy. I LOVE that it is so accessable, private, and affordable!


Many cities and towns have Overeaters Anonymous meetings you can attend, either in person, online, or by phone. Some people find this program and these meetings extremely helpful, if only to realize they are not alone in the daily struggle. Here is a link to find a meeting in your area:

Find a Meeting

Have you lost weight and kept it off for a decent amount of time? What are YOUR tips? Comment below, I would love to hear more success stories! πŸ™‚

Over and out, you Beautiful Beauties!