Happy Weekend, you lil’ Love Bugs!

Thanks to my darling husband, I don’t have to pound my keyboard anymore. It started dying a few months ago– a slow death–as the “m” went first, then the “a”, then the “s” and then it was full-out mutiny. Now I forget I have a new keyboard and keep slamming the “m.” Sorry little guy.

Hubby and I had a nice day to ourselves last weekend. Didn’t have the little lady all afternoon so we just hung out together watching football, then went on a walk. It was nice and romantic and who doesn’t like that. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not entertaining the little one so I sit and stare out the window and get all fidgetty.

We did something WAY out of the ordinary on Saturday though, which was to drive to some random city two and a half hours away. That was weird. And very not-like-us. We were bored senseless so decided to drive for five hours and be bored in the car. Weird indeed. Maybe not the best idea since I’m not a fan of car travel. In the moment it seemed genius but quickly turned regretful. Not for hubby, but for me. An hour in, I was like,”Should we turn around?” It was more of a whine than a question. All he said was, “Nope.” That was all. When he says nope I know it is absolutely useless to argue. He LOVES to drive. Adores it. What a weirdo. I mean, what a sweetie. After I was forced to continue on this moronic road trip, my mood turned foul.

I need to say something important. WHY don’t my Paleo yum-yums turn out?? Tears! Tears dripping down my heart! Paleo baking–cakes, muffins, cookies, brownies–has left me SAD. They turn out all gross or at best, mildly good. SO FRUSTRATING! I have such high hopes when I see those gorgeous photographs of almond flour chocolate cookies and coconut flour pie crust but when I go to make these recipes, BLEH. I will often eat the entire batch of what I have just made, JUST IN CASE the next bite tastes like a real cookie and not like barely sweetened cardboard.

A few days ago, I got wild and made Paleo vanilla cupcakes and brownies. I haven’t done this in more than a year! But neither tasted very delicious. I did, however, also attempt to make a vanilla and chocolate frosting with a mix of palm shortening and coconut oil. To my surprise, both turned out quite good. The chocolate one turned out best; I used Enjoy Life chocolate chips for that one. For the vanilla, I used honey as my sweetner which I regret because honey has such a strong, biting flavor. I didn’t like it. I think if I had used maple syrup as the sweetner, it might have tasted better. (Here’s the “brownies” I created. I can tell I didn’t like them much based on the fact there’s still four left.)20171119_164649

I mostly eat real foods these days. My usuals, if not my favs are: apples, green smoothies, sweet potatoes, salsa, grass-fed butter, chicken, eggs, cucumbers, celery, almonds, walnuts. Yep, that’s about it! But then I eat a good ‘ol bunch of synthetic, non-nutritional food, too: you know, cake, candy corn, ice cream, Skittles…. Do I sometimes feel guilty about eating this stuff? Yes! But I am learning to fight this feeling! There are much better things to feel guilty about. It is JUST FOOD, nutritional or not.

Life is not OVER if we eat something “non-Paleo” or non-nutritional. Treats make life fun! It gives me something to look forward to each day! (Yes, I do eat non-nutritional food EVERY day!) Don’t you feel delightfully happy when you’re eating cake?? Of course you do! Because there’s a party in your mouth!

I usually subsist on healthy, nutrient dense foods, 80% of my daily intake. One of my favorites, which feels very cleansing to me, is my Paleo Power Smoothie. (I just now named it that.) It’s very simple to make. I gulp this green monster about three to four times a week. This smoothie trumps all salad, especially if you don’t like salad much. Like me. It tastes good AND you get way more greens than a regular salad. It also “get’s gone” rather fast. Greens are anti-cancer and just about anti-AnythingBad. My husband even drinks these now! (That’s saying something, lemme tell you.)

So drink up, cuties! Your skin will glow and your guts will be happy! 🙂



Frozen Strawberries (about 7 small or 4 large)

About a cup of water (You can add more water at any point to get the consistency you want. I tend to like mine on the thinner side.)

Liquid Vanilla Stevia to taste (I use about 1/4 dropper full)

2 BIG handfuls of Power Greens (from Costco; $5 for a HUGE bag!)


Blend the first three ingredients in your Ninja Blender. “Pulse” it. (I think you could do this in a regular ol’ blender but I haven’t tried it. I LOVE my Ninja. Inexpensive and it WORKS. Buy one!)

When you have a strawberry/vanilla smoothie (which is AMAZING on its on, btw) then add your greens. I pulse mine and then blend for a while to make sure it is really ground up well.

It’s done! That’s it! Now drink it!

(You can, of course, use other frozen fruit besides strawberries. I prefer strawberries because of the texture it lends to the overall smoothie. I have tried blueberries and I’ve tried Costco’s mixed frozen fruit. I always go back to just plain ol’ strawberries. My tastebuds must be pretty picky because the texture is all wrong with those other fruits. But try whatever you want! You might like it!)

Here’s to your happy guts! Clink! 🙂