PALEO LATTE (and first blog post!!!)

My very first blog post of all time!

It seems right to say a little about me first off so here it is: …I am a WONDERFUL person and you would be very happy to be my friend, most likely! (Really…what are you supposed to say about yourself first thing??)

I love cake, mostly just the frosting. Cinnamon rolls and donuts, too. OMG, I love those so much!!! I am a Functional Fitness Fanatic (Crossfit, anyone?? Insert wiggly eyebrows here.) and I subscribe to a Paleo way of thinking about nutrition. I am also an ACE-certified personal trainer, so if you have Q’s about exercise or nutrition, shoot me a message and I’d be happy to help  you! (I’m also an online personal trainer so contact me if you are interested! If we happen to live in the same area, I can work with you in person, too, which is my favorite!) My most important job in life is being a wife to the best man on earth and a mama to my sweet 10-year-old daughter. Love you guys! XO!

Are you wondering why I named my blog Paleo-ish Living? Because I believe the key to sustaining a healthy diet (and mind and body!) is to eat a very nutritionally dense diet 80% of the time. The other 20%? I literally eat WHATEVER I want!

I have been eating Paleo(ish) for seven years now. Even before it was trendy!

Speaking of nutrition, I had a dream recently about floating on a river of maple frosting on a round, sprinkled donut that was my inner tube. Then whenever I felt like it, I licked the river. This is probably why you might see a lot of donut pictures on my website. I like donuts so much I have dreams about them.

I have an English degree from a university but after graduation I have only sat down to write six times. Six, you say?  I’m not sure of the exact number, actually. But probably somewhere around six. My professors would likely be very disappointed in my severe lack of effort.

Here is my problem: I tell myself I’m going to write an amazing novel, so I psych myself up trying to get a really good idea. But I always come up short; my ideas are either lack-luster or very incomplete. It would make a story that not even I would like to read. (Once, I was at the library and I asked the librarian for a book on “book ideas for writing books.” She literally stared at me for around seven seconds and then was like, “I don’t think such a book exists.” All I could say was, “Oh,” and walk away, awkwardly.) Someone write a book for unimaginative writers! You would make a fortune!

My especially nice husband says my embarrassment bone may be broken. I think he called it a bone. Something like that. He is probably right. The weird thing is, sometimes I’m pretty normal and get embarrassed like I should. But 87% of the things I should be embarrassed about, I am not.

Do you like Pinterest? I do. Love it. I pin Paleo desserts a lot of the time. But when I start, I can’t stop and literally have to ppuuuulllllll my eyes away from the pictures. When I pin something, my weird lil’ brain says, “Pin that sh*t!” (I don’t say that out loud though, because the hubby doesn’t like it when I swear.) Funny story: this morning the computer was misbehaving and he goes, “WTF!!” And then he added quietly, “MF.” I said, “WTFMF, sweetie? What’s that stand for, I wonder.” 😉

Why haven’t I seen a t-shirt that says “iWOD?” That is brilliant! I would for sure wear that t-shirt!

The hub gets annoyed when people type words in caps. He says it makes people feel stupid, like they can’t read. BUT I LIKE WRITING IN CAPS (she said in a little mouse voice).

Do you sweat the bed? I do. It’s gross. Like last night. My bed was so wet it felt like a warm puddle. Sometimes I try to ignore the sog and go back to sleep. That never works. I am forced to climb out of my mildly warm bed to get a towel. I told you. Gross. I feel like I shouldn’t tell people that.

Well…I do realize this first post was FULL of random crazy talk, but I just wasn’t sure what to write.

In an effort to make this post helpful to some extent, I shall post a DELICIOUS, nutritionally dense Paleo latte recipe for you. You can make this very easily in your own kitchen in minutes. This latte has foam on the top and everything. Guys–really. Go make this. Right now!!!


  • 1-2 cups black coffee (plain ol’ drip coffee is perfect)
  • 1-2 Tbl Coconut Oil
  • 2 Tbl Collagen Gelatin powder (I use Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate but I hear Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is great, too)
  • Liquid Vanilla Stevia (or regular) to taste (optional: I don’t use stevia in my latte but give it a try  if you must have sweetness. It tastes good both ways but I love my coffee black.)

Dump your black coffee into a Ninja blender (which I use and love so much) or a regular blender (if you don’t have either, get out your hand blender and beat this like a cake batter!). Add your oil and gelatin powder. Whip that stuff till it’s nice and foamy on top! Then dump into your mug and gulp! Your taste buds will dance with glee! Let me know what you think! 🙂



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